Wooden Flooring

We provide the wide and contemporary of wooden floors that surely surprise you with solid structure and elegant finishing. Variety of the wooden floors available that are suitable for the various rooms including dining rooms, hallways, and living rooms.

It provides the realistic look, stone and slate finishing. Offering the huge collection that includes the waterproof wooden flooring, 8mm wood floor, vinyl flooring with an H3 protection layer, natural wood design, vinyl wood floors for home, high gloss PVC vinyl flooring, laminated wood floor.

Our Customers receive positive reviews and overwhelming response. Many successful projects are completed in the DHA Lahore, Johar Town and Model town that includes residential houses, offices, restaurants.

Wooden Flooring by Pollex Solutions
Wooden-Flooring deisgns

Wooden Flooring Ideas

Giving you the vast options where you can select the different, unique creative ideas that add the luminance with natural wooden style. We provide durability and stain resistance that is easy to look after. We offer a broad range of flooring schemes that offers our most great designs. You can choose the different wood colors according to the environment.

Wood flooring sensibly catches the particular grain designs with unique patterns and lively shades of fascinating tropical species. While intriguing hardwoods might be distant for some home renovating budgets, laminates make them effortlessly available.

Hardwood Flooring

We offer the hardwood flooring that provides the best quality impression and suited for all the places in the house. Hardwood flooring is suitable for the dining, bedroom, and living. The structure is well-formed. Even the scratch and dent can be avoided.

Laminate Flooring

We also provide the laminate flooring scheme as well; it is a multi-layer synthetic. The inner layer of the laminate flooring composed of fiberboard materials and melamine resin. Maintain process also don’t take any hectic duty. We provide this with the suitable budget. It also provides the water resistance.

    Vinyl-Flooring designs

    Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is created in such a way to brighten up the home design and interior with a natural look and warm material. The quality and material used for our vinyl flooring provide the durability and fine finishing. It gives the realistic look and longevity. The base layer is totally based upon the PVC. The fine printed vinyl décor layer provides the vinyl with floor unique and authentic appearance. Vinyl core gives the strong impact resistance. Super dense glass fiber is used to add the additional stability.

    wooden flooring pollex solutions

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    We provide the best floor woods that enhance the naturalism in the home décor process. It enhances the natural quality of the home in the best appropriate way. We offer the world-class flooring and best wooden texture. We use the certified wood that gives the future assurance to our clients.

    We provide the maximum satisfaction level to our clients, it is not only about the quality, but we give the best things under the suitable budget with their unique taste. The best about flooring is that we provide the relatively ongoing covering without the gaping seams. We are famous for the low maintenance and high quality.