Waterproof Wallpaper Price In Pakistan

Waterproof wallpapers are best suitable for places with high levels of moisture and humidity. Long ago, wallpapers were not as much handy, and areas with humid and moisture accumulation demanded recurrent changes due to splashing and spilling of water but now waterproof wallpaper is available at hand to easy out all the hassles. Waterproof wallpaper price in Pakistan lies within the range of Rs.1500 to Rs. 9000.

Waterproof Wallpaper in Lahore
Waterproof Wallpaper Price in Lahore

Why Buy From Polllex Solutions?

Wallpaper is a popular choice for adding color and impact to the bath work. From delicate to floral and even tropical designs, waterproof wallpapers give an instant look of designer home d├ęcor to your place. Bathrooms and kitchen best define the places for use of waterproof wallpapers but the use is not limited to these two areas. Waterproof wallpaper might be the best choice for a kid’s room or any area that involves the risk of stains and water spills. Pollex solutions offer a reasonable price of waterproof wallpaper in Pakistan. Our company aims at providing the best of our services to clients based on their demand. Each of our jobs is backed up by a thorough guarantee meanwhile our work speaks of its quality.

Types Of Wallpapers:

Pollex solution deal with multiple types of waterproof wallpapers ranging from the latest scrub-able and peelable wallpapers to not cleanable and hardly removable at all. Our services for waterproof wallpapers include:

Solid Vinyl:

Solid vinyl wallpapers are famous for waterproof wallpapers because of their resilient quality. They often come with a pre-pasted adhesive which makes application an easy and quick process. Its thick quality makes it a good water-resistant and comes with embossed and plain designs.

Vinyl Coated:

The vinyl coating in such wallpapers makes them good water-resistant and works best in areas with a high level of humidity and moisture. All of its features make it identifiable as a good choice for waterproof wallpaper.


These wallpapers are made keeping in mind the environmental considerations hence making it a perfect opportunity for people conscious of the use of natural materials. It’s washable and breathable quality makes it a perfect waterproof wallpaper to suit areas of your choice.

    PVC Panel Vs Waterproof Wallpaper

    While there are other conventional means than wallpapers to embellish or enhance walls. Each of the additional methods comes with its pros and cons. A brief comparison of PVC wall panel vs waterproof wallpaper is given to help you guide what to choose:

    • PVC wall panels cost less than wallpaper but they are not durable enough to compete with the longevity of wallpapers to last for 15 years. They repeated changing of panels cost the same as the one-time application of wallpaper. Hence wallpaper is favorable in terms of one time applications without hassle.
    • PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and contains harmful chemicals that keep on emitting from the wall panel hence works as slow poison around that deteriorates health, whereas wallpaper does not include such harmful chemicals that might affect health in any way.
    • PVC panel does not ensure valid quality because scratches start affecting appearance over time and the artificial appearance of panels is easily noticeable. In comparison, wallpapers are scratch resistant and do not give off an artificial effect as easily.
    • PVC panel comes with a very limited choice range as compared to wallpapers. The designs are limited for PVC wall panels.
    Waterproof Wallpaper

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