Wallpaper Roll Price In Lahore

Wallpaper Roll Price In Lahore

Wallpaper installation is now a primary way to add style, design, and color. The elegance of wallpaper application depends entirely on the type of wallpaper used. Each type of wallpaper comes along with specific features, drawbacks, and price range. As the price for everything is determined by its components accordingly, the accounting factors for wallpaper roll price in Lahore are:

Wallpaper Roll Price In Lahore
Wallpaper Roll Price


The material and type of selected wallpaper is a definite factor that influences the end price. The latest material and eminence of wallpaper rolls cost higher. The prices are lower for material that has been long used. Paper-based material of wallpaper rolls is cheaper as compared to specialized woven or other high-end materials of wallpaper rolls.


Complex designs and texture cost more as compared to the wallpaper rolls that are relatively simpler in design and texture. Moreover, the uniqueness of the designs also accounts for an increase in the price range for wallpaper roll. Plain and solid-colored wallpapers are an easy option to afford as compared to more unique and complex designs to give modernized look to your places.


The quality of wallpaper you choose to install either promises no damage to the wall beneath or destroys walls. Hence quality is a crucial factor for the price of wallpaper roll. The unique features that add to the quality of each wallpaper are the determinants of a price for a specific wallpaper roll. High quality demands a higher price.

We at, Pollex solutions provide wallpaper rolls for the price range as low as Rs.1500 to Rs.9000 at max to fit your needs.


    Latest Korean And Chinese Wallpapers:

    In selecting wallpaper for your home, there are multiple types and designs of wallpaper rolls in the market and each differs greatly in terms of demand, trend, style, quality, and many more.

    These two categories of latest and high quality Korean and Chinese wallpaper rolls are available with us and are high in demand by everybody, whether they be professionals or interior designers. Our promised features for both Korean and Chinese wallpapers are:

    Korean Wallpapers:

    • The most eminent feature of these wallpapers is their ability to completely transform the place. Their unique designs are the highlighted aspect that multiplies their usage benefit as a wallpaper. They come with 3d designs as well.
    • Secondly, the most favorable aspect of these wallpapers is their easy most application. They do not give off the nuisance smell after application. The walls breathe fresh even after a layer of the application over it.
    • The Pollex solution provides these wallpaper rolls with the high end and latest material that make them easily washable, hassle-free, and further makes the wall look more prominent.

    The price of wallpaper rolls in Lahore varies, based on the type of material and quality used for such wallpapers.

    Chinese Wallpaper:

    Pollex solutions provide the latest and best visuals for home and commercial purposes. We provide an exclusive range of simple and modern Chinese wallpapers, along with 3d designs. Their eminent features are:

    • Chinese wallpaper comes with different and top-notch high-end backing materials. Such as vinyl, acrylic, and non-woven, etc.
    • These wallpapers come with a variety of color range that instantly enlightens the room.
    • Chinese wallpapers are of premium grade quality and the price range varies according to the latest quality and designs.
    • Chinese wallpaper comes with the capability to work effortlessly in excessive heat environments as well. Their quality stays the same in every surrounding and give the luminous outlook to walls.

    Pollex solution provides Chinese wallpapers with the price range of wallpaper rolls in Lahore, depending greatly on the complexity of design, style, and type of material selected.

    Wallpaper Roll Price Lahore

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    Our main goal is to provide top-notch and high-quality wallpapers. Our company focuses on planning and development, which aims at presenting you with the latest and high- end wallpapers. Our services are known for the quality work we provide. Pollex solution is the finest in providing affordable price of wallpaper rolls in Lahore.

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