Wallpaper Installation Services

Wallpaper Installation Services

Wallpaper installation is a conventional method to modify the look of your desired places. If you plan to transform living or commercial places, wallpapers are available at hand and pollex solutions with trained experts are here to help you through this journey of wallpaper installation services in Lahore.

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We Deal In:

Pollex solutions provide wallpaper installation services in Lahore. There are a variety of wallpapers available all around, depending on the quality and material used. Considering your satisfaction as our utmost priority with our promised standard and quality, we provide wallpaper services for:

  • Printed wallpapers
  • 3D wallpapers
  • Architectural wallpapers
  • Kids wallpapers
  • Embossed wallpapers
  • Textured wallpapers

How To Decide Wallpaper:

When it comes to the selection of wallpaper, we know exactly, how much of the confusion it brings along. The skillful designers at pollex solutions provide you a complete guide throughout. A well-selected wallpaper, with suitable style, pattern, and design can create an exciting look. Our guide is here to help you choose a design for every room:

  • Patiently decide on the kind of vibe you want your place to pull off. Bedrooms are mostly preferred to give a relaxed and soothing vibe, a calm and simpler pattern works best accordingly.
  • Choose a more complex pattern for a place where you spend less time. Environments are the potential enough to impact the mood. Hence, the right choice is a crucial task.
  • Consider your preference for colors and patterns. The final outlook catches attention and looks vibrant only when the interior, color, pattern, and theme complement each other.
  • Small scale designs are best suitable for confined places and spread more of a cozy and aesthetic vibe. Similarly, vertical designs trailing from ceiling to floor improves the outlook for places with lower ceilings.
  • Large scale designs are typically for spacious rooms and provide a finished and luxurious outlook. Enlarged designs over a small wall give a perplexed outlook but this is definitely, not how you want your place to look like.
  • The catalog for pollex solutions include samples and visual ideas that are fairly going to help you make the best choice.

    Steps For Wallpaper Installation:

    The use of inappropriate gear and techniques result in destroying your walls and risking your money. With an organized team of trained tech and modified methods, wallpapers application can be easier than ever. We have got a specialized team of workers for each task we offer that go step by step and provide reality to what you’ve got in mind. Here is an overview of our wallpaper installation services in Lahore:

    • The existing material and content are removed.
    • Walls are thoroughly prepped for application.
    • A sample test is carried out to look for any exceptions and flaws that may come out later.
    • Appropriate marking is done and the surface is smoothed out.
    • Excessive material is cleared out side by side.
    • Steps are repeated for the entire wall.
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    How Can We Help?

    Wallpaper application is a lot of work, starting from initial selection to the application. With our quick and unbeatable professional services, we can assist you in your home renovation. We can hang any style you think of, with guaranteed satisfaction.

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    Our central idea is to provide quality installation to our clients. Pollex solutions undertake a complete installation service for each type and design of wallpaper. Choosing us for your desired product opens up new ideas and endless options for home décor.

    How To Contact Us?

    Get in touch, contact us on our number 0306-4444164 or leave a message on our website for further details.