Wall Sheets

We provide the best quality wallpapers and 3D wall panel that enhances the creativity of the desired place. We provide the different types of the wallpapers under the suitable budget and ensure the quality and durability.

Different styles of wallpapers are available that covers the room wallpapers, wallpapers for the dining hall, living, office or the restaurant area. The variants of the wallpaper and wall panels include the color stone wallpaper, Iran’s imported PVC, PVC plastic wall panels. We also provide the huge range of the plastic sheets that includes the wall sheets for the bedrooms. We give the best range of the 3D wall panel in Pakistan.

Wall-Sheets Designs

Use of the wall panel design can minimize the construction cost and give the elegant, consistent appearance without requiring the application of the paint or any other material that provides the finishing. Unique and creative designs are available. We are the best provider of the acrylic sheet all over Pakistan.

We provide the high-quality PVC that provides the durability. PVC wall panels for the bedroom is also available with the unique design and durability. Customized and paintable patterns are provided under the different color range. Lightweight graphic sheets are offered that are easy to install.

Following Finishing’s are Available

From installation of a ceiling fan to commercial wiring – our skilled technicians can do it all and with pure satisfaction. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Laminated
  • Printed
  • Plain
  • High Gloss


PVC wall panels increase the charming look in the present movement and enhance the interior of the home. Plastic sheets are more efficient and durable. Provide the full range of different design and elegant colors.

We provide the several different advantages using the PVC wall paneling and wallpapers. Our PVC panels that are mostly used in various Lahore projects. They provide the water resistance. Our PVC panels are very popular for use in the kitchen and bathroom areas as they are mold resistance and water repellent.

    Wall Sheet Pollex Solutions

    The Core Features of our Wall Panels and Wallpapers

    • Fire retardant
    • Durable
    • Terminate Proof
    • Easy to install
    • Recyclable

    All this is available under the suitable budget. Wall Panel provides the clean and hygienic environment. As once they are installed there is no way to get dirty down into it. Low maintenance is required as there is no way to get the dirt. No further finishing is required as it provides the whole smooth surface.

    In Lahore, we have settled in different offices, home and restaurants using these lightweight fiber sheets. The used material is durable. It provides the best alternative to the of conventional paint. Our Customers receive positive comments and overwhelmed response. Many successful projects are accomplished in the DHA Lahore, Johar Town and Model town that includes residential houses, offices, restaurants.

    Best-Wall-Sheets in Lahore

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    We provide the color stone wallpapers that enhance the naturalism in the home décor process. It improves the natural quality of the home in the best appropriate way. We offer the world-class wall panels and best texture wallpapers in Pakistan. We use the certified material that gives the future assurance to our clients.

    Providing the maximum satisfaction level to our clients, it is not only about the quality, but we give the best things under the suitable budget with their unique taste.