Solar Panel System Installation

Pollex Solutions is proudly serving as the finest solar companies in Lahore. From start to finish, our team is capable of installing the complete solar system in your home, office, and commercial site. So sit back and enjoy the sunshine turn into savings with solar panel system. for more details and complete solar system price in Pakistan – contact us at Pollex Solutions and our technicians will promptly serve you.


Why Install a solar System in Lahore?

Solar systems are the future of electricity. Since the energy produced by the solar panels is derived from the sun itself, the customers who choose to install these panels can enjoy low electricity bills and be free from load shedding worries.

Above all, the power sourced through solar panels is renewable and it’s unlikely that we will run out of it in the near future.

Another advantage of solar panels for houses in Pakistan is the low maintenance. Although, installing the feature on your rooftop is a costly investment. However, once the installation process is completed, the panels require minimal maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, the low electricity bill makes up for the overall installation cost creating a win-win situation for the customers.

The Installation Process

The installation process of solar panels with Pollex Solutions is simple. Once you convey your request with us, our team of technicians work alongside with you and draft a plan for installation based on your energy requirements. We provide a price quote based on these findings and share technical details regarding the installation as well.

As you accept our quote, we work out the paperwork and get your connection approved after which the installation procedure is carried out swiftly.

Pricing Guaranteed

We at Pollex Solutions offer first time in Pakistan price calculator to determine your energy requirements. Solar system panels are available of different capacities and we make sure to install the most appropriate one according to the demands of your lifestyle. To find out the more about the 3kva solar system price in Pakistan and a 5kva solar system price in Pakistan – contact us and we will assist you promptly.

Our Products

At Pollex Solutions, we provide variety of solutions to fit your needs. Since each residential and commercial project is unique and customizable – we offer products that cater to the client’s individual requirements. Our pricing plans also vary and accordingly to the demands of customers. If you are also interested in getting a solar panel installed in your home or office, feel free to contact us. We will discuss your requirements, visit your site, and convey the solar system for home price plan.


Why Choose Pollex Solutions for Solar Panel Installation?

Pollex Solutions is a leading name for solar panel installations in Lahore. We have experience of many years and have installed several systems in your area. Our teams of installers are hardworking, knowledgeable and professional. They know that the installation is a big decision for you and ensure that the process is carried out in the safest manner with minimal disruption.

Having a solar panel installed in your home, office, and commercial property is a big decision but a good one. if you have also decided to have one installed and do your part to keep the world energy clean, then give us a call or visit our showroom for a detailed information. We will provide you with all the necessary information and give you the best price in Pakistan. We serve all of Lahore including areas of Model Town, Johar Town, and DHA Lahore.