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Long ago, room décor was restricted to four coloured walls and striking paints. The opportunities are no longer limited. The modern wallpaper designs are now in the trend. If you are looking for vibrant room décor, wallpapers are winning ingredients. Pollex solutions provide the trendiest room wallpapers in Lahore.

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Room Wallpaper in Lahore

How To Select Wallpaper For Room:

A wallpaper makeover is the best transition for a room. After a long, tiring day, bedrooms should give a relaxed and calm vibe to rest whereas the lounge room should have the necessary charm. Choosing the right wallpaper is a challenge in itself. Here are some tips by pollex solutions to select the best wallpaper for a room:

  • Room usage is important before selecting wallpaper. No two rooms share the same purpose hence choosing the same wallpaper for both is not a good idea at all. Living rooms are mostly bright and cheerful, so bright colours and bold designs work best over there.
  • Bedrooms are instantly enlightened and give a pleasing sight with calm and relaxed designs. Light colours and small patterns work best in bedrooms.
  • The quality and material of a wallpaper speak a lot about it. Carefully look for the backing material, adhesive, and such details before buying wallpaper.
  • Every pattern and colour does not suit every place. Hence go for bold patterns for a more spacious room. Such wallpapers would make the small rooms look overcrowded and this definitely would not please guests or anybody living there.
  • Prefer to buy a small and live with it. Go for specific wallpaper only if living with it gives a refreshed look because surroundings impact your energy.

Types Of Wallpapers:

With recurring updates in design, style, and types of wallpapers, there are abundant types of available in the market. The best possible types of room wallpaper in Lahore add bling and trend to the room. We provide services for:

• Formal:

These wallpapers are used for executive and exclusive places. The luxurious rooms for guests or dining rooms are uniquely transformed by formal wallpapers such as hand-painted.

• Casual:

As per the name, casual goes perfectly with bedrooms for a more subtle yet enchanting look for a room. Casual wallpapers include textured designs and floral wallpapers. These are the most commonly preferred room wallpapers in Lahore.

• Modern:

Modern wallpapers include a touch of geometrical and abstract designs to give a modernized and not so common outlook to the room. Such wallpapers provide a distinct view.

• Glam:

The best type of wallpaper is the one that goes with the rest of the room décor as well. The result is a combination of everything altogether. Glam wallpapers include embossed and reflective designs for a more chic and aesthetic vibe of the room.

    Ideas For You:

    The trained team of experts at pollex solutions provide eye-catching designs and affordable price of room wallpapers in Lahore. A creative idea and captivating wallpaper are all that you need to transform your place.

    • For a fascinating room décor, use metallic wallpaper that gives a pattern and metallic finish to the wall. It provides a bright and illuminated view to a small room for a more transformed view.
    • The use of plants in the room is a widely followed trend. Pairing up a wall with floral and printed wallpaper gives a cohesive and well-styled look to the room. It incorporates the natural theme and pulls out a fresh sight.
    • Black and white theme can be showcased to give a monochrome and b/w effect to the room. The idea works best for people that are more declined towards dim lighting.
    • Creating a pattern in a room is a vital part to make an impact. Linear patterns with the mesmerizing colour theme would work best to make a highlighted impact in the room.

    Room wallpapers come with a vast enough range and variety to choose from. The price of room wallpapers in Lahore ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs 9000.

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