Pine Fabric Wallpaper Price in Pakistan

Pine fabric wallpaper is a twist from the traditional style of wallpaper. These wallpapers come with a strong and thick material that makes it durable and long-lasting. They are famous for their easy and DIY sort of application. Pine fabric wallpapers in Lahore are best for temporary modification of your home. A pattern of fabric wallpaper is selected and the application is done by the heavy-duty adhesive used for all wallpapers. Pine fabric wallpapers work their best in less humid areas with a minimal level of moisture. Their standing quality is their pocket-friendly cost. Pollex solution deal with the following types of pine fabric wallpaper in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi:

Pine Fabric Wallpaper Price in Pakistan
Pine Fabric Wallpaper Price

Solid Pine Wallpapers:

Such types of wallpapers come with a solid color. This type of wallpaper suits places that are already enhanced by the use of a fancy interior. People with a greater preference for plain yet decent living places can go for solid fabric wallpapers.

Pine Wallpaper Types

Patterned Pine Wallpapers:

Patterned pine wallpapers come with designs and motifs that are perfect for use in the lounge and guest rooms to give a more exquisite appearance to the room. These wallpapers come with a diverse color chart ranging from muted greys to vibrant colors that add zing to the entire room.

Mold Resistant Wallpapers:

This wallpaper comes with a breathable texture that lets air pass thru and fro. This type of wallpapers makes a less favorable environment for mold to grow. These wallpapers are preferred than other traditional wallpapers.

Why Pine Fabric Wallpapers?

Pine fabric wallpapers offer sufficient and unavoidable pros that make them a considerable choice to embellish your living places. Wallpapers are so diverse in their range and quality collection in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, yet some noticeable features of pine fabric wallpapers include:

  • Where most of the wallpapers come with a one-time opportunity for application, pine fabric wallpapers come with multiple chances for re-application in case of a mistake while adhering it to the wall.
  • Pine fabric wallpapers are inexpensive as compared to other wallpapers. Solid pine fabric costs a little less than patterned wallpaper.
  • Pine fabric wallpaper are famous because their removal is a quick process. A wet sponge is needed to take it off without damaging the quality or wall structure.
  • Pine fabric wallpapers are environmentally friendly and pose no threat to health. They are composed of all-natural materials and hence make them a perfect choice for people seeking wallpaper with eco-friendly features. The price of pine fabric wallpaper in Lahore also makes them an acceptable choice.
  • Pine fabric wallpapers are preferable for their strong and endurable quality. They have a relatively shorter life as compared to other available options but what still makes them a continuous growth in the market is their benefit to those who want a wallpaper for a shorter span.
  • Such wallpapers are easily washable yet resistant to damage and scratches and do not tear apart due to minimal scratches.
Pine Fabric Wallpaper Price Lahore

Why Pollex Solutions?

Pollex solutions provide services for pine fabric wallpapers in Lahore Karachi and Rawalpindi. We have evolved as a team to improve our services for your home d├ęcor and now fall among the renowned ones. Our team of tech and professionals, with their hard-earned experience, provide the best wallpaper services to both residential and commercial markets. Our efforts revolve around the basic core values of style, quality, and innovation to cater all your needs.

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