Network Consulting & Structured Cabling

To focus on our internal resources we will provide flexible network solutions from our professional network consultants that will take your business to another level. Network Solution Provider Companies in Lahore already have enough knowledge for all the solutions to provide the clients.
Why our service is better than others?

Our service is better than others as we are one of the chief names in the IT sector of Lahore. We offer an assortment of IT services in step to the necessities of miscellaneous sectors of IT operations ranging from networking to structuring the cables. We say that we are best because we understand what the client needs and implements that effectively.

Network Management Service in Lahore
Network Consulting

What We Provide?

At pollex solutions, we provide our clients with all the IR related services under one roof. Our professions are certified in following fields; Network Design, Network Management Cable Routing Maps, Computing Infrastructure, Managing Data and Server Racks, and Project Documentation

Why Choose Us?

Pollex Solutions is a top provider of IT services serving in Lahore, Pakistan, and the surrounding township. We have grown in practice with the IT and implementation of refined solutions to help your business grow.

Network Design

Network Design Service Lahore is offering consultancy training with the technical support in communication; networking is the most important area in information technology. We have a team of professionals who can understand the client’s needs and then work accordingly to fulfill them. We consistently work with the already proven systematic methods; the whole design of the network is the blueprint of the complete communication network.

  • Installation of fans with/without wiring
  • Electrical switches wiring/rewiring
  • Changing of switch breaker
  • Electrical panels
  • Exterior lighting
  • Electrical motors installation/repair/maintenance
  • Generator installation/repair/maintenance
  • Wiring of new home and office

Simply give us a call and talk to the members of our team. We listen to all customers’ requirements carefully and understand the unique needs of each client. We know experience matters in electrical services and recruit the most trained and experienced staff to handle the job. Our team members are skilled and complete each job with upmost care and knowledge. To hire the best electrical services in Lahore, contact us at Pollex Solutions. We provide electrical and maintenance services in all of Lahore including Johar Town, DHA Lahore, and Model Town.

    All Repair and Emergency Service Available

    Electrical emergencies and faults can happen without warning. Leaving it unfixed can make you uncomfortable and might aggravate the electrical fault as well. This is why a professional electrical repair and maintenance service by Pollex Solutions is essential for timely repair when you require it the most.
    Whether it is an electrical emergency like faulty wiring or simple installations like new fans, light switches – we are here to help with our prompt availability to power your life again. We also deal with earthing issues and can diagnose the electrical fault in your home and office. Our expert electricians are just a call away so book our online electrician in Lahore and light up your home and office without any disruption.

    Network Consulting and Structured Cabling In Lahore

    Why Hire Pollex Solutions?

    When you hire Pollex Solutions for electrical services in Lahore, you can be assured that you will:

    • Receive prompt service
    • Safe electrical solutions for all your repair and maintenance needs
    • Electrical replacements with all original parts and guaranteed by the company
    • Reliable service by expert and licensed technicians
    • Guaranteed satisfaction
    • Affordable rates

    Pollex Solutions is the most trusted and professional electrician in Lahore. We offer our valuable services for both – home and offices. Industrial electrician service is also available. Whether it is a small job like electrical switch installation or significant works such as rewiring of the complete house – we can do the job for you. We also install CCTV cameras, water motors, geysers, and many more items for your residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

    We are just a phone call away, so give us a call and book our services now!