Milk Packing Machine In Pakistan

Full Automatic Milk Packing Machine [Video]

Manual Milk Packing Machine [Video]

Milk is among the most demanding and valuable products all around the globe. The reason behind a propelling demand lies in its nutritional value. People residing in both east and west make sure to intake milk for their healthy diet. Since its freshness is quite temporary, thus it needs to be protected and packed perfectly.

Like any other dairy product, milk also needs to be protected until it’s packed safely. It requires strong and effective packing to store freshness. This cannot be any regular packing but a specific one that can make quality and freshness intact.

There are several different types of milk available in the market. Powder milk and liquid are the two most prevalent types in Pakistan. A large junk on industries heavily relies on milk packing and sealing machines to smooth their production. Many renowned names highly trusted by people use these Milk packing machines in Lahore, ensuring the excellent quality of their milk products.


    automatic milk packing machine in Pakistan

    Why Choose Milk Packing Machine?

    In the present era, every business sector is using technology at its best. Each industry is trying to extract maximum benefit and ease out of technology. It is because machinery reduces the chances of error by speeding up production as well. Therefore, even a small packing machine equipped with modern technology is likely to pack milk with greater accuracy and improved hygiene.

    Hence, we can assure that Pollex solution’s milk packing machines highly coincide with modern technology. Its packing procedure goes step by step to make the production flow fast and efficient. At each stage of packing, the machine handles all the responsibilities and protects the packaging against leakage.

    What are the Types of Milk Packing Machines We Offer?

    Automatic Packing Machine

    Milk packagers can use this automatic powered machine to automate the milk packing procedure. This fully automatic milk packing machine can handle everything ranging from selection, filling, and sealing packets with greater time efficiency and accuracy.

    Manual Packing Machine

    In contrast to the preceding machine, this manual milk packing machine heavily relies on the operator. A full-time operator is required to run each function through the machine.

    Semi-Automatic Packing Machine

    This Semi-automatic milk packing machine needs an operator to put in packing and container to operate its function. Even though it’s semi-automatic, but it still requires manual support to function appropriately.

    What is the Milk Packing Machine Price in Pakistan?

    Now you know that there are three distinct types of milk packing machines in Pakistan. Thus the price for a well-performing machine varies depending upon its features. Since an automatic doesn’t require any additional support, it costs higher than remaining both types. Moreover, specialties such as single or multi-lane packaging also vary with the price.

    Milk packing machine cost starts around 1 lakh to 3 lakh in Pakistan depending upon its features. A machine equipped to work with bottles, cans, jars, and even pouches is evident to cost much as per its diversity. Moreover, the size of the machine also determines its price. Such as, the mini milk packaging machine price comes under an affordable range.

    Milk packing machine final product

    What is the Milk Packing Machine Price in Pakistan?

    Pollex solution is the most reliable manufacturers of milk packing machines in Pakistan. Our team has extensive experience in this field of providing milk packing machines in Lahore. Pollex solution is renowned for offering an authentic warranty and a trained technician for the initial setup of the machine. Our services extend all over Pakistan.

    In case of any emergency, our professional staff remains 24/7 active to provide support over the call. Pollex solution can also provide technical support and services as our team is renowned for its professional code of conduct. In case of further details, contact us on 0306 7403601, or visit 106-A Ghousia Colony، Zarrar Shaheed Road