Laptop Computer Repair in Lahore

Is the performance of your computer not what it used be? Are you having problems during the windows startup? Or perhaps your computer, desktop, or laptop has simply stopped responding. Don’t worry! We at Pollex Solutions are proficient in all types of computer repair and installation at your doorstep in Lahore. We also deal in computer and laptop sale. So contact us for all services related to desktop PC and laptops in Lahore.


Pollex Solutions computer and laptop services

A few of the computer/laptop repair service we offer include:

  • Diagnostics of the computer
  • Upgrade of memory
  • Replacement of hard drive
  • Upgrade of hard drive
  • Replacement of laptop battery
  • Power supply maintenance
  • Windows installation
  • System building
  • Networking connectivity issue and troubleshoot
  • And much more


We also provide repair and installation service for all computer parts such as:

  • Printers
  • Mouse
  • Keyboards
  • Scanners
  • Headphones
  • Modems and Routers

We offer computer repair service for all major brands including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Apple, Samsung, and Asus – just to name a few. Custom-built computers are also repaired at our showroom.

How it Works?

Our laptop repair Lahore service is customized based on the requirements of your specific computer. Upon receiving your call, our technicians visit your home/office and assess your desktop/laptop. An estimate is given after a thorough examination. Although most problems are resolved at your home/office – we do take some products to our showroom if extensive repair is required.

Since some computers are more “repairable” than others, it is impossible for us to quote an estimate for repair/replacement on the phone. This is why, we send our technicians to your doorstep as soon as possible after receiving your request. We make sure the repair work is carried out as soon as possible and try our best to offer immediate service.

Buying and Selling of Computer and Laptops

We at Pollex Solutions also offer buying and selling service for all types of desktop and laptop. Whether you want to sell your old one or exchange for a better one – we ensure that we will assist you in the best manner possible.

We also sell computer accessories such as headphones, mic, mouse, keyboards, speakers, printers, scanners, and routers.

Repair Buying and Selling of Computer and Laptops

Pollex Solutions – Your One Stop Shop for All Computer Servicing

Pollex Solutions is a reputable name for all types of repair and installation in Lahore. Give us a call for all computer troubles and we guarantee quality service at an affordable cost. Our servicing area includes all of Lahore including Model Town, Johar Town, and DHA Lahore.

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