Korean Wallpaper in Lahore & Pakistan

Korean Wallpaper in Lahore & Pakistan

Korean wallpapers are famous for their depiction of rich Korean culture, art, and their interior. Their quality to enrich the walls positively make them distinctive. Their wallpapers are the best combination of culture and their aspiring art that add vigor to your mood.

Korean Wallpaper in Lahore & Pakistan
Korean Wallpaper in Lahore

Types of Korean Wallpapers

Korean wallpapers have the power to alter the entire vibe of a place. Pollex solutions provide service for Korean wallpapers in Lahore. We provide services for:

3D Korean Wallpapers

3d Korean wallpapers come with exquisite designs and dynamic patterns. Korean wallpapers are commonly preferred for use in guest rooms, and shopping malls for a cozy and enhanced look of the place.

Checkered Korean wallpapers

These wallpapers come with a check style pattern over it. The check style is not commonly available in other types of wallpaper. The unique designs of Korean wallpapers in Lahore make them prevalent in the market.

Floral and Tropical Wallpapers

Floral and tropical designs of Korean wallpapers are perfect to add a naturalistic impact to the décor. The duotone floral and tropical designs make them eye-catching for the audience.

Kids Korean Wallpapers

Korean wallpaper has not excluded the requirement of different styles of wallpaper for each room. Hence kid’s wallpapers come with striking colors and figures that give an animated and lively impact to the room.

Some More Types and Details

Linear Korean Wallpapers

Linear wallpapers come with a plain pattern of lines and stripes over it. The difference lies in the vibrant colors and color coordination that make them perfect for use in a bedroom or guest rooms.

Korean Vs Other Wallpapers

In a comparison of Korean wallpapers with others, The price of Korean wallpapers in Pakistan is relatively higher as compared to others. A note-worthy comparison is here to help you choose:

Korean wallpapers are larger as compared to others. They originally come with a large coverage as compared to other wallpapers.

Korean wallpapers are wider in size hence they take fewer joints to cover an entire range of walls.

Korean wallpapers come with their unique designs that depict their art and culture. They stand out as compared to other wallpapers.

Korean wallpapers are more long-lasting and durable in comparison to other wallpapers.

Korean wallpapers give a brighter and enhanced look because of their rich colors.

    Outlook of Korean wallpapers

    Here is a small overview of designs to showcase the magical and finished outlook of Korean wallpapers:

    The check style Korean wallpaper paired with plain tiles and vintage furniture can make the living room a cozy and perfect place to relax in the evening after a tiring day at work.

    3D Korean wallpapers are most suitable to bring an urban style to the place. 3D brick wallpapers are always the finest choice to give play the game of illusion and give a real impact to the wall.

    These floral designed Korean wallpaper give artistic and cool transformation to the room. Lighter tone of wallpaper paired up with warm lights makes an impeccable area to dine in.

    Korean Wallpaper Lahore

    Before You Buy

    Before you buy Korean wallpapers, consider:

    • Their longevity lasts for 5-7 years.
    • The backing material to best suit your purpose.
    • The furniture and interior influence the final outlook of the wallpaper.
    • Precisely think of the area, while selecting wallpaper.

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    Pollex solution posses a unique range of Korean wallpapers. Our work speaks of its quality. Tell us your dream look and let our trained tech bring it to reality with an affordable price of Korean wallpaper in Pakistan. Get in touch and let us help you with the latest décor.