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How to Clean Your House Quickly – Step by Step Guide

Every household activity is an art in one sense or other and that is the biggest thing that you need to understand while you deploy some of the house cleaners in Lahore at your house for the cleaning aid. As you will understand the thing you will understand the style that has to be maintained in the aspect and also the need for the cleaning service at your house.

Why do you Need to Deploy a Cleaning Service at Home?


The first thing that comes to your mind in this regards is like this – you have deployed a housemaid, who takes care of the cleaning aspect regularly. Then what is the need for a cleaner for you? the simple answer to the same is that your housemaid is cleaning the floors and the window slits on each and every day or some alternate days and hence they are clean enough, but the cleaning process he/she applies is for regular cleaning only and that is not something that is going to make or house completely free of bacteria and viruses. The general dust, the normal food smells, and other things are cleaned by him/her, but the things that stay even after that – what about those?

The ­surface cleaner that you will be deploying is once in a quarter or once in half a year and hence they will be taking care of the aspects that have been overlooked, like that of fan cleaning, furniture cleaning and another thing that you do not look at, throughout the year. This makes the cleaning service so much essential for you.

Timing is a Big Constraint:


Now that you have understood that you need to undergo a cleaning service, the thing that you will have to understand and identify is the need of the things or the steps that should be carried out for proper cleaning. Let us tell you here that timing is a big issue here as the more delay in the thing means the extracted dust will take shelter at some places else that you will not notice and hence the dust will remain there at your home only.  When you take care of that, you can remain certain that your house will be entirely cleaned, but there is another thing that you must go through along with the timing issue and that is related to the steps that are involved and to be very realistic the best of the house cleaning team that you will be imposing will take care of the that in their service.

Step by Step House Cleaning:


  • Things must be followed from top to bottom and that is the science of the arts of cleaning your house. An expert or a professional will never start cleaning the house of yours from the floors. They will start off the cleaning for the ceiling and from the fans and AC tops or furniture tops. Your housemaid would have cleaned the floors on a regular basis and would have also used to clean the furniture handles and bodies from time to time, but the dust at the top remained where it was since you left that cleaned 6 months before the date. Hence the first step is to clean the ceiling of your house or the room tops and the fans. 
  • Now you will ask why that is the first step? Make clear one thing in your mind that the dust also follows the law of gravitation and hence the dust will be falling on the ground itself and that is the rule of the earth. Hence the fans are cleared the first and then the house cleaning services in Lahore starts off cleaning the floors. No, there is something else to be done here and that is related to the furniture, the fixtures and also the sofa and the bedsides of the woods. For each of the cases, including g the back of the TV set (if the TV set is fixed at the wall) would be made the next and the most critical step for the same. The sidewall cleanable portions, like the oil, painted walls, the tiled walls are also cleaned by the cleaners at this stage.

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  • The final stage is to clean the floor and that too in a way that is not applied by the maid of your house. The professional house cleaners in Lahore will be taking this in a different style, they will just broom the dust and collect those and remove it from your house. The next thing that they will be doing is to give your floors a complete soda wash – so that the dust and the first that remained at the end of the tiles can be eliminated out. The soda wash will be then followed by a detergent wash and then the wash wit dried pieced of cloth just to rinse down the floor. 
  • The last step that is involved only by some of the professional providers of house cleaning services in Lahore is to give the floor of yours a clean and odorless feature and to do that at the last stage while they will be rinsing the floor, they will be putting a cleaning aid that will contain a bacteria killer and fine smelling fragrance. This would not only make your house look and feel good but at the same time will be making that look and feel like Jannat.

All the fours things that you have gone through till now are available only and only with the best cleaning service. So call them now.  They will be taking care of your house in such a way that you will feel that you have entered the house for the first time after they complete the cleaning and you enter the house or the rooms for the first time. This makes them the master cleaner and the best provider of house cleaning service Lahore.

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