House Keeping & Janitorial Service

Hiring a reliable and cost-effective maid service is a headache for most homeowners in Lahore, Pakistan. Besides being a time-consuming task, finding professional domestic servants in Lahore is a challenge on its own. How do you wish there were a home cleaning service near me who would provide services around the clock and accordingly to your demands?

Luckily, those who have a busy schedule and are unable to take out the time to clean their houses can contact us at Pollex Solutions and enjoy professional, reliable, and affordable maids and house help in Lahore, Pakistan. We offer the same services for offices and other commercial institutes as well.


Why Hire Maids in Lahore through Pollex Solutions?

After a hectic day at work or with children, most women can’t find the time or the energy to wash, clean, and tidy up their homes. Or perhaps an individual is not well and is not physically able to handle the housework. For them, hiring a cleaning lady services is the best choice as these not only provide excellent service but also ensures that the house is cleaned according to the standards of the homeowners.

The benefits of hiring help through servant provider companies are substantial and include:

Customized Cleaning Plans

The domestic help selected after a thorough consultation of your unique requirements. There are no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to house cleaning. A cleaning plan and staff chose according to the needs of your home and office.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Most of us won’t just allow anyone in our homes. Our housekeeping staff selected after an extensive examination, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home, possessions, and loved ones. Moreover, the house help that we select for your home and office are reliable and punctual so no more anxiety over delays and unexpected leaves.

Complete Service

Whether you have dishes to be washed or carpet to be cleaned – the domestic staff can handle all. Apart from regular cleanups, our maids are proficient in time-consuming tasks as well including furniture cleaning, carpet wash, cleaning grout from tiles, and clearing floor stains.

Cost - Effective Solution

Our professional cleaning services are affordable. We take in several factors when creating a price plan including the area of your residence, your lifestyle, duration of service, and the capacities of your home. Pets and children can also influence the cost. However, we try to be as affordable as we can and offer competitive prices when compared to our opponent companies.


Should you Hire a Maid from Housemaid Agency?

Who doesn’t like a clean home and office? If cleaning is not your piece of cake or hiring a local maid is a difficult task, then contact us at Pollex solutions, and we will help you find the perfect cleaning partner near me. So don’t delay and contact us for the domestic help Lahore services that we offer. Our servicing area includes all of Lahore including the areas of Model Town, Johar Town, and DHA.

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