Home Wallpaper Services Lahore

Wallpapers come with such a diverse range that never go out of trend. They are capable to transform a boring place into something vibrant yet beautiful. Pollex solutions provide home wallpaper services in Lahore with the finest and luxurious designs for your home. We have an entire range of exclusive wallpapers to fit your needs. The designs range from enormous to minimalistic to match your aesthetics. The selection is not limited to one wallpaper, you can choose multiple wallpapers, mix and match the designs, and finalize which perfectly suits your living places. We provide services for:

Home Wallpaper Services Lahore
embossed wallpaper in lahore

Embossed Wallpapers

These wallpapers come with different designs of colored engraved pattern to perfectly hide the imperfections beneath. The embossed pattern effect makes them an impeccable choice for guest rooms. The big patterns bring life to the room and catch all the deserving attention. This is the most commonly preferred home wallpapers design in Lahore.

Self-Design Wallpapers

If you believe in keeping things simpler yet concerned about enhancing the look of your place. Self-design wallpapers are undoubtedly the perfect choice. They come with simpler and sober designs and gives the room an artistic presentation.

Modern Printed Wallpapers:

The printed wallpaper is a deviation from traditional designs. These are a perfect blend of a solid background with a classic element of names. They are the perfect selection for bed and guest rooms and provide a fresh and unique look to the room. Hence, we make sure to provide home wallpapers services in Lahore that enhances the chic and aesthetic aspect of a place.

Pattern And Brick Wallpapers:

Such wallpapers give a vintage and classical touch to the wall. Patterns mostly stand for abstract and geometrical designs, a great preference for a lounge. Apart from enhancing the existing charm of the place, such wallpapers make the room look wider. If you are looking for a wallpaper with quality like that, pattern and brick wallpapers are for you to grab now.

    3D Wallpapers

    3D wallpapers are sure to add a modern touch to your home décor. They come with floral, plain, geometrical, and many more designs to give your wall an illusion of reality. Such wallpapers are sure to grab the attention and perfect for catchy background for all your aesthetic pictures.

    Kid’s Wallpapers

    The most appropriate choice for kid’s room is now within your range. Solid and cute background, with multiple shapes, stars, and eye-catching color tones give a lively touch to the room. Our home wallpaper services in Lahore includes all such types of wallpapers to match your ideas of a perfect room.

    Self design wallpaper in lahore

    Material and Quality:

    • PAPER: It’s a sheet based material with a top coat of design for smooth surfaces. It costs less.
    • SOLID VINYL: this includes a single layer of vinyl over the paper, with the design printed over the vinyl layer. It is valued for durability and washability.
    • COATED VINYL: it is preferred for its moisture resistant quality and is one of the affordable choices for many.
    • NON-WOVEN: it’s composed of fibers (natural and synthetic) that give out a smooth and even appearance. It’s relatively expensive but ensures easy application.

    What’s Unique?

    Apart from the magnificent designs mentioned, others exhibit textures and patterns like wooden and bamboo wallpapers. Pollex solutions deal in not only the traditional styles available all around rather we have a modern range of high-quality wallpapers. As per the need of the present, our products are eco-friendly and quality work is promised.

    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    Pollex solutions deal with an entire range of wallpapers that incorporates pocket-friendly and affordable price, along with the liability of hassle-free changing. We have got trained experts, the newest trends to beautify your places. As repainting a wall may drag you into financial worries, pollex solutions provide service to buy wallpapers in Lahore in a less expensive yet guarantee a transformed look for your desired places. You are free to opt for the best choice for your needs.

    How to Buy Home Wallpapers in Lahore?

    Pollex solutions aim at assisting you to buy wallpapers in Lahore. Get in touch and contact us on our number 0306-4444164 or leave a message on our website for us to get back to you.