Glass & Aluminium Works

Looking for quality glass and aluminum works in Lahore. Look no more as Pollex Solutions is a trusted name for all your commercial and residential glasswork needs.


Benefits of Using Glass and Aluminum

Glass & aluminum doors and windows are a popular choice amongst residents of Lahore. Not only do they upgrade the level of security in your home and commercial space but are also pleasing to the eyes of onlookers. Double-glazed Glass & aluminum doors and windows are also durable and have the ability to withstand harsh weather elements of Lahore.

Above all our custom glass mirrors and doors are soundproof and effective in not allowing noises from outside. Likewise, the sounds from inside will also not go outside. Adding thermal breaks to the glass can also help in blocking the outside heat and making them more energy efficient.

Glass & Aluminum Doors

Glass and aluminum doors by Pollex Solutions are installed with several different mechanisms according to the preference of customers. These include sliding doors, rotating, roller shutter style, and automatic. The quality of our doors is excellent with long-life span so you don’t have to worry about maintenance work frequently.

Glass & Aluminum Windows

Addition of a glass and aluminum windows is a norm in most constructions. This is because they allow natural light to enter even when the windows are closed. Besides being energy efficient, glass & aluminum windows are attractive and can be customized in any color according to the preference of the client.

    Glass Showers Enclosures and Doors

    Whether you are looking for a simple an elaborate tub door – Pollex Solutions will assist you in finding the right style for your budget. Our glass specialists carefully measure each aspect of your bathroom and ensure that fitting is done to your maximum satisfaction.

    Repair and Maintenance Work

    Besides new installation, we at Pollex Solution do all glass repairs for home. Contact us for all maintenance work and repairing damaged seals.


    Why Choose Pollex Solutions?

    We at Pollex Solutions offer comprehensive glass and aluminum work. Our services include:

    • Survey of site
    • Installation
    • Glass repairs for windows and doors


    We cover all areas of Lahore including Model Town, Johar, and DHA. Our rates are affordable, and we try to customize each package according to the client’s budget. So don’t hesitate and contact us today to get your free estimate on glass and aluminum works for your home and office. Products such as glass dining tables, dressing table mirrors, and table tops are also made on order.