Camera and CCTV Works

If you look around, you will definitely notice cameras outside many homes. Nowadays, security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in both – residential and commercial areas.

As crime rates increase, concerns for the well-being of our families and possessions also increase. With CCTV cameras in Lahore by Pollex Solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and property are safe.

A security camera allows the residents of Lahore to view the inside and the outside of their residential/commercial/industrial space anytime they want. The wireless camera can also be integrated with other devices that enable property owners to view any area from their TV, computer, and mobile devices.


Installing Branded CCTV Cameras By Pollex Solutions

Boasts many benefits for your home and office space. These include:

  • Discouraging thieves from potential crime
  • Monitoring of employees at home and office
  • Recorded evidence in case of theft and other crime
  • Checking up on your kids, elderly parents, and pets while you are away from home
  • Lower premiums from insurance companies
  • Saves money as hiring a security guard can be expensive
  • Improves business infrastructure as employees avoid misconduct when the site is protected with CCTV cameras
  • Records the events of a spot 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


A CCTV camera is one of the best investments you can make for your property. For CCTV camera price in Lahore, Pakistan, contact us and get a free estimate.

Different Types of Camera

Security cameras are available in many different types. Apart from wireless camera and wired surveillance camera, we offer:

  • Full HD vision camera that is best for low-light areas and captures the best footage at night.
  • Covert surveillance cameras that are usually hidden in planters and clocks. They are very difficult to detect and mostly used to monitor employees at home and office.

    How to Install CCTV Camera?

    CCTV cameras are easy to install. However, without proper technical knowledge, the device may not function as desired. We at Pollex Solutions offer complete installation of the device along with training to ensure that the clients don’t face any difficulty with the equipment.

    Are Security Cameras Expensive?

    Customers often ask us about the DVR camera price. Most of them hesitate in the installation of CCTV cameras because they consider it to be high-end and out of their budget. Yes, security cameras were expensive at one time but with the evolving technology – the prices have greatly reduced. Additionally, our teams of experts analyze the requirements of each client and suggest security system accordingly to the demands of their residential and commercial area.

    Above all, the security of your family members should never be compromised for price. A security system not only monitors your home and office 24/7 but also frightens burglars from doing any harm to your loved ones and property. With a secured system, monitoring you’re home and commercial area at all times – you can continue with your personal and professional commitments without worrying at all times. Contact us at Pollex Solutions for wireless security camera price in Lahore.

    CCTV Camera

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    Pollex Solutions is a trusted name for all your residential and commercial requirements. We specialize in all residential and commercial features. Whether you are looking for flooring options or cleaning service, we are here to assist. Providing the best service and quality products is our guarantee so contact us today for an estimate of Wi-Fi security camera price for your home and office. We cover all of Lahore including the areas of Johar Town, Model Town, and DHA. Give us a call and get a free estimate for your site.