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    In the event when your cooling unit is giving you inconvenience, you can rely upon Pollex Solutions for any sort of air conditioner services in GOR. If you are residing in GOR or in any nearby region, get in touch with us at 0303-4420679 or book air conditioner services. Pollex Solutions has practical experience in perfect solace at reasonable costs all through different regions of Lahore. The rates offered by Pollex Solutions for various services including ac service charges in GoR are less than market competitive rates.

    Our team is trained to approach every customer’s home, way of life, and desires as extraordinary. By taking each part of interest into thought, we outline a framework which meets your quick and long-run objectives. All employments are deliberately sorted out to guarantee an opportune culmination without interruption, harm, or blunders.

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    Need of Air Conditioner Services and Installation in GOR

    With respect to home comfort in the midst of the more extreme weather conditions in Lahore, your central air circulation and cooling framework accept a noteworthy part. Apex summer temperatures are unavoidable, which suggests that you’ll depend on your air conditioner. If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner, or you need your faulty unit to be fixed, you can place an order for ac services and installation in GOR.

    Air Conditioner Kit Repair and Gas Refilling

    Qualified technicians at Pollex Solutions are trained to perform air conditioner kit repairs and gas refiling as per standards advised by the maker brand. You can rely on Pollex Solutions for any kind of air conditioner services in GOR.

    Air Conditioner Routine and General Maintenance

    Aeration and cooling system support for your house is much similar to upkeep on an auto. You don’t understand the amount it has any kind of effect until you’ve had some work done. Booking normal ac upkeep additionally diminishes your vitality bill and avoids repairs caused by unmaintained frameworks. General maintenance helps in warming up air conditioner before the season starts and helps in boosting your air conditioner’s performance throughout the season. Such air conditioner services are recommended by all air conditioner brands. Amazingly Pollex Solutions is offering low ac service charges in GOR and various regions of Lahore to ensure every consumer can avail quality facilities in low rates.


    Special Services

    Our qualified team keeps you updated through each progression, check uprightness of ventilation work, evade harm to the home, appropriately handle any disposed of gear, and set aside the opportunity to acquaint you with the task of your framework. For any sudden issues or air conditioning services required regarding your cooling system, we stay available to come back to work 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days, throughout Lahore.

    Advantages of Timely Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner
    • Quality cleaning advances more beneficial indoor air quality
    • We fulfill the commitments of your producer’s guarantee
    • Pinnacle task enhances cooling/dehumidification limit
    • Unhindered wind stream abbreviates running circumstances and reduces wear and tear
    • Established vitality effectiveness lessens month to month costs
    • Expanded hardware benefit life

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