3d Brick Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the most preferred choice nowadays, as they are an effective alternative for wall paints. Not long ago, the options were limited to plain and solid wallpapers but now there are multiple options for 3D wallpapers, out of which 3D brick wallpapers in Lahore are perfect to enhance the outlook for any place.

Whether designers are concerned with a small room or a larger space, 3d brick wallpaper fits perfectly and provides an element of charm, versatility, and urban look, giving any room the illusion of having a real brick wall. The 3D brick wallpaper price in Pakistan ranges from 1500-4000 per roll.

3d Brick Wallpapers in Lahore
3d Brick Wallpapers Service in Lahore

Designs Of 3d Brick Wallpapers:

There is a diverse range for 3d brick wallpapers, in terms of design and production. Our services for 3D brick wallpapers in Lahore provide:


What Materials Are Used?

As with modern advancements, there are a variety of materials that bring together a unique quality of the wallpaper. A solid and durable backing, ground coat, high-quality ink, and adhesive to adhere the wallpaper are the basic raw materials involved. We provide services for following wallpapers based on their material:

• Vinyl Coated Fabric 3d Brick Wallpaper:

Fabric-based wallpaper is popular for its natural texture. The vinyl coating adds to the durability and makes it more long-lasting. Our tech is trained for its application in dining and sitting areas where texture is the key element.

• Vinyl Coated Paper 3d Brick Wallpaper:

This is an upgrade from plain paper-based wallpapers to vinyl coated papers. The layer of vinyl adds to the durability and extra quality of being washable as well. These are perfect for use in areas with a higher level of humidity and moisture such as kitchen and laundry rooms.

• Non-Woven 3d Brick Wallpaper:

What makes them unique is their breathable and easily washable aspect. They are handy enough to apply and are equally easy to take off. If there is some structural work to do with the wall, they can come off as a strip and can be reapplied easily with the same perfection by our trained men. Such 3D brick wallpapers in Lahore are highly preferred.

• Easy Walls 3d Brick Wallpaper:

The easy wall is a PVC and VOC free material and uses water-based ink. It’s standing out characteristic is the easy most application as they come with a pre-applied adhesive, hence installation is an extremely fast and quick process. It’s a great choice if you are conscious of environmental considerations.

    3d Brick Wallpapers Service Lahore

    Why Choose Us?

    3D Wallpapers may sound expensive but they are preferred for their designs, surface finish, and quality as compared to others. In addition to this, the affordable Price of 3D brick wallpapers in Pakistan comes with the longevity of 15 years. Other features include:

    • Embossing effect giving the illusion of a real brick wall.
    • Easy and fast application without any damage to the wall.
    • Versatility in uses.
    • Perfect surface finishes to the stained or uneven walls.

    3D brick wallpapers enhance the charm of your place and make it more comfortable and lively. Our services for 3D brick wallpapers in Lahore offers top-notch quality materialized wallpaper. Our 3D brick wallpapers are perfect for their indisputable advantages. High-quality art, printing, and colour scheme is applied to them. Vinyl is the most popular material for high-quality wallpapers. More layers are equivalent to better and enhanced quality. We have got the trained tech, newest trends, and most talked about labels and a complete range of exclusive wallpapers to give an enhanced look to your places.