3D Acrylic Flooring

Not long ago, flooring options were limited to marbles, black and white tiles, and wall-to-wall carpeting. However, with times, the designs changed and the flooring industry came up with several new and unique designs. As technology evolved – flooring styles also changed, and now you can see several homes with 3D surfaces.

3D Acrylic Flooring
3D flooring design in Lahore

What is 3D flooring?

3D flooring is a new concept and the latest trend for floors. 3D floor tiles are solid just as regular tiles but portray unique and creative images that will help make your house or commercial site stand out from the rest.

We at Pollex Solutions have a wide range of 3D designs that you can use for your home, office, and commercial property. We cover all of Lahore including the areas of Johar Town, Model Town, and DHA.

Benefits of 3D Floors

The most important advantage of installing 3D floor is the visual imaging. Available in several different styles, designs, and color – the 3D floor styles are perfect for home/business owners who are looking for something unique.

3D flooring is durable and less prone to scratches. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance. This is because 3D floors do not have any gaps, joints, and cracks where dirt and other particles can become accumulated. It is easy to clean and has a lifespan of almost 15 years.

    Easy Installation

    3D flooring is a new concept and requires a professional contractor for proper installation. We at Pollex Solutions offer the best practices regarding 3D floor installation. We provide accurate measurement and ensure that the image is installed in the best possible way to enhance the appeal of the room.
    Since 3D floors are expensive; we at Pollex Solutions make sure that we provide you quality and timely work. Some designs that are popular with the residents of Lahore include:

    • Ocean style
    • Seashore flooring
    • Coral reef flooring
    • Dolphin floor
    • Tropical wilderness
    • Geometrical style
    • Landscape
    • And many more realistic looking styles

    What Do We Offer?

    We at Pollex Solutions offer complete flooring service. We help you choose the designs according to your requirements and give you advice on the suitable rooms. We try our best to accommodate your budget as well.

    Moreover, our team of contractors is professional and experts when it comes to installing 3D floorings. Quality shows in our work, and we try our best to cater to all your needs. Our work is timely, and we finish the work in the given deadline without compromising on your comfort. The result is always your satisfaction.

    Benefits of 3D floors

    Choose Pollex Solutions for all 3D flooring Design in Lahore, Pakistan

    Pollex Solutions is a pioneer in 3D floor and designs. For more information, regarding 3D flooring in Lahore – give our skilled staff and us a call. We will be happy to assist you in any matter. Apart from 3D flooring, we also specialize in other flooring options, paintwork, and maintenance. So do not hesitate and get in touch with Pollex Solutions now. Our servicing area includes all of Lahore.